Indigenous People from The Sonoran Desert

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Live a journey through sacred lands that were never conquered, enjoy the kindness and cultural richness of these tribes that live between the Sonoran Desert and the Sea of ​​Cortez.

The Yaquis are the most representative indigenous group in Sonora, they are found in 8 towns ranging from the Sea of ​​Cortez to the Sierra del Bacatete, Cocorit, Bacum, Torim, Vicam, Potam, Huirivis, Rahum, and Belem, Yaquis, it is very important to preserve their language, their traditions and their roots in the land.

The Mayos are the largest group in the state, they keep the language alive, Yoreme means “the one who respects the tradition” as opposed to the Yori “the one who does not respect it” they live in southern Sonora in the municipalities of Álamos, Quiriego, Navojoa, Etchojoa and Huatabampo.

The Comca´ac or Seris, are found in two ejidos Punta Chueca and Desemboque, they preserve their original language and their organizational structure is around a council of elders. Isla Tiburón is the largest island in Mexico, it is a sacred place for them since it is a sanctuary for their cosmogony and is the habitat of the Bighorn Sheep, the Mule deer, the White-tailed deer among others.

Get to know the indigenous culture, discover the haughty and proud personality of the people that inhabit these cinnamon-colored lands, experience its desert landscapes and of course its beaches and islands.

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