Sierra Mar Route

A journey from the highlands of the Sierra Madre Occidental to its impressive coastline, a dazzling space that links the Lower Deciduous Forest with the Sonoran Desert and the Sea of ​​Cortez.

On this tour you can recharge your batteries by observing a large number of migratory birds or mountain biking, you will enjoy the charm of losing yourself in time in a relaxed atmosphere walking through the Magical Town of Alamos, to finish in the Sea of ​​Cortez, at only 110 kms, with its virgin beaches endowed with warm golden sands and transparent green waters.

We will visit the indigenous town of Masiaca, marvel at the dexterity of the hands of the Mayo ethnic artisans who make Pharisee masks, drums, tenábaris, wire baskets, wool rugs and saddlery, this rural community preserves its traditions, crafts and gastronomy that they have proudly learned to preserve and pass on to new generations.

You will learn about the process of making Bacanora aguardiente, in one of the artisan distilleries that offers the opportunity to taste different varieties of this ancient Sonoran drink, the planting of agaves, as well as its distillation process is done with the same care and love as was done hundreds of years ago.

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