San Carlos

Considered by National Geographic Magazine as the “Best Ocean View in the World”.

National and foreign travelers from many countries of the world have been amazed by the contrasting desert geography that mixes with the turquoise blue of the waters of the Gulf of California, its spectacular landscapes and great abundance of marine flora and fauna, undoubtedly make San Carlos, one of the favorite places to visit.

The calm waters of the bay are favorable for fishing, diving, snorkeling, paddle boarding, kayaking or sailing on a yacht among the rugged and capricious rock formations around the bay enjoying the sunset.

You will be captivated by discovering spectacular landscapes such as the imposing Cerro Tetakawi, an emblematic symbol of San Carlos, which reaches 200 meters above sea level, visiting Los Algodones Beach with white sands and Piedras Pintas Beach.

At sunset, delight in observing from the scenic viewpoint the encounter of the enigmatic Sonoran Desert with the exuberance of the Gulf of California, Cerro Tetakawi and the beaches that frame the Best Ocean View in the World.

San Carlos offers you many activities, including entering the Sierra del Aguaje, the Nacapule Canyon and La Poza. The Estero del Soldado, declared a Protected Natural Area, has 557 species of plants and animals. This place is ideal for hiking or kayaking through its mangrove channels.

Live the experience of visiting the only pearl farm in Latin America, Pearls of the Sea of ​​Cortez, and learn about the process of cultivating the most exotic pearls in the world.

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