Cocorit, Treasure of Sonora

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This town was founded around 1617 when the Yaquis accepted the presence of Jesuit Missionaries in their territory in order to be educated in agriculture and livestock, with this, relations with the whites began. During this period, the Yaqui People were concentrated in eight traditional towns.

To visit Cocorit is to travel to know one of the original towns. Its name derives from the Yaqui language, Ko’okoi, which means Chiltepin.

Today, you will discover a friendly world, where you will know its houses that have served as a canvas for local artists to paint multicolored native birds that make it an open-air museum. The Museum of the Yaquis will transport you to know the mysticism and history of this wonderful tribe that has never been conquered.

Its gastronomy is distinguished by the obispos, a drink based on natural or artificial syrup served on frappe ice and ice cream, not to be missed are the fig, guava, pineapple, brown sugar or cajeta empanadas and the large flour tortillas. All these products are made by the people of Cocorit who have preserved their recipes generation after generation.

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