Rio Sonora Route

To immerse yourself in the towns and communities of the Sonoran Sierra is to understand the origin and destiny of Sonora.

The seductive personality of the native peoples and the tenacity of the first colonizers will result in a new legacy and a new identity for these lands.

Ures, the Town of Hearts, is the gateway to the roads of the Sierra Alta and the Rio Sonora, together with Baviacora, Aconchi, Banamichi, Arizpe and Bacoachi are anthology towns with their colonial architecture, the countryside landscape of their ranches, rodeos, horse races, dances in the plaza, cabalgatas, serenades, pilgrimages and vigils, in addition to herds and bullfights, the harvests of red and green chili, peanut and garlic, the harvest of cane and its derivatives such as the panocha and punto; the freshly baked bread, the chiltepines, and their sauces, the flour tortillas, the milking, the ham are routine activities that in each town have their season and offer you experiences that you will not forget.

The ranchers of the sierra still respond to the customs and traditions of good neighborliness, to the ancestral legacy of friendship and family, and still retain their identity with pride and lordship.

These fascinating attractions must be joined by a wonderful nature with rivers, mountains and valleys, giving rise to a great variety of landscapes that host a rich flora and fauna.

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