Towns of the Sonora River

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Exploring the towns and communities settled on the banks of the Sonora River is to understand the origin, personality, and tenacity of the first settlers who resulted in a new identity for this fascinating territory that was trapped in time.

Alvaro Nuñez Cabeza de Vaca and his crew left their tracks along this route, who in 1536 was shipwrecked on the coasts of Florida arriving in this splendid valley after their painful journey towards the Pacific Ocean. Local Native Indians quenched their thirst and hunger, presented five emeralds carved in the shape of an arrowhead, and 600 deer hearts as a sign of friendship.

Ures, Baviacora, Aconchi, Huepac, Banamichi, Arizpe and Bacoachi are towns with a unique cultural wealth that still preserve the generous hospitality shown centuries ago.

We will appreciate panoramic views of the river that amaze, temples of the 17th century that have Mudejar reminiscences of Arab influence, wooded squares that breathe tranquility, portals of houses in the form of an arch with elaborate wrought-iron bars, facades painted in different colors that give a unique flavor to its streets.

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