Magdalena de Kino

Discover the place where the remains of the Italian Jesuit Missionary Eusebio Francisco Kino, a determined and visionary man who traveled thousands of kilometers on horseback, the territories of what are now the States of Sonora, Sinaloa, southern Arizona and the Californias of 1687 until his death in 1711, in his task of evangelizing the natives of the area.

The history of this Magical Town dates back to 1541 when the indigenous Papagos and Pimas inhabited the population of Buquibaba. For this reason, Father Kino decided to take this site as a visiting town and found the town of María Magdalena de Buquibaba in 1687.

Be sure to visit the Temple of Santa María Magdalena built-in 1832, the Chapel of San Francisco Javier, where you can try to raise the lying image of the miraculous saint; It is said that pilgrims who fail to lift the saint lack faith or the weight of their sins do not allow it.

Get to know the Plaza Monumental, the Municipal Palace built in the 20th century by Sephardic Jews and which has colorful murals, as well as Miguel Latz’s house surrounded by beautiful gardens where, according to legend, there are underground passageways through which the entire town is connected.

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